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Why Aaron's Flashcards?

A proven method for studying!
Create your own courses with custom cards and text
See the meaning of wrong answers so you're learning all the time
Automatically skip cards you know and spend time where it's needed
Speech is added automatically to courses you create

Automatic Comparisons

Instead of just a "wrong" or "right" indicator, the meaning of wrong answers is also displayed. When two kanji are similar you see them next to each other - an essential part of studying Japanese.
example of comparing a correct answer to an incorrect one
one pair of black headphones with a grayish brownish background

Speech is Added Automatically to Custom Courses

Hearing vocabulary reinforces what you're learning and helps with recall, recognition, and pronounciation. When you create a custom course with your own text and cards, speech is added automatically (in French, Spanish, English, or Japanese). There's no need to search for sounds or upload them.

Only Study the Cards You Need

Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven method for learning as efficiently as possible.
  • Recall: cards are studied in a quiz format instead of multiple choice. This forces your brain to recall instead of only recognizing the difference between choices. You won't have multiple choices when speaking a language!
  • Adaptive: When a card is answered correctly multiple times in a row, it's studied less often. This means you don't spend time studing cards you already know.
  • Dynamic: When a card is answered incorrectly it's moved to the front of the list to be studied again as soon as possible. Spending more time on cards you don't know maximizes the effectiveness of your study time!
  • Efficient: Each card exists only once across multiple lists. If you've learned all of Jouyou kanji for grade 1, you won't study 大 twice if you switch to studying a JLPT N5 kanji list. Cards are shared across lists - they are unique to the platform, not the course!
boxes that illustrate spaced repetition
Cards answered correctly move right to the less frequent box, while incorrectly answered cards return to the first box to be reviewed sooner.
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